Seared Scallops with Bacon & Eggs

In late December, I marked this Marcus Samuelsson recipe as a must-do in 2017. It combines four of my favorite ingredients: scallops, bacon, arugula, and poached eggs. The arugula, however, was a revision of Samuelsson. He uses frisée, which he also sautés in the bacon grease (sounds good, doesn’t it). I decided to forego that, and use fresh arugula as a bed of greens for all the other ingredients. And instead of Samuelsson’s recommendation of cooking the frisée with soy sauce, I dribbled the soy sauce over the arugula and then set bacon, scallops, poached egg, and baguette (instead of brioche) on the arugula and sprinkled smoked paprika on top.


The taste knocked my socks off–the soy sauce really brought out the herbaceous flavors of the arugula while the arugula softened the distinctive soy flavor. Beverly liked it, too, and her palette is much more refined than mine, so it must be good if she likes it. And, of course, scallops and poached egg, with the yoke flowing in and around the arugula, well, let me tell you, runny eggs–poached, fried, or otherwise, goes with everything–and scallops seared in bacon grease and butter give me reason to live…and to run the next day.

Something of note, this was the first time I ever poached eggs in simmering water. Seeing the eggs floating in the water, the egg whites becoming firm but fluttering about like Anubias leaves, only white and not green, was beautiful and mysterious. And they were cooked perfectly.