Scrambled Eggs Night

Sometimes the best dinner is breakfast. One or two times a month, we’ll eat blueberry pancakes and sausage for dinner. Every so often, I try to get eggs, sausage, and fried onions and potatoes into the mix. I did it last night but only on the condition that Beverly make a kale-spinach and beet salad.

I cooked the eggs the Bourdain way: simply eggs, barely beat, nothing added, and quickly cooked, with the yokes and egg whites still distinguishable and the eggs still wet. To top it off, we garnished with guacamole. The potatoes were thinly sliced and cooked until crusted (or at least some of them were), and the salad included sunflower seeds and citrus dressing. The trio of eggs, potatoes, and kale-spinach salad went together like George, John, and Paul. I guess Ringo was the sausage.


The whole thing was definitely a good change of pace, and with Friday being pizza night, I am gearing up our annual surf and turf Valentine’s meal on Saturday or Sunday.