Mexican Chicken Soup or Is it?

This was not my doing. I went for a run, and Beverly commandeered the kitchen to make Mexican chicken soup. I doubt the authenticity of the name. Yes, it is chicken soup, but no, probably not Mexican, or at least I don’t see what makes it distinctly Mexican. Yes, there is chicken, sweet potatoes, onions, and tomatoes, with avocado, cheese, cilantro, and tortilla chips sprinkled on top. I suspect the name was appropriated to connote a milieu, one more stereotypical than real. My Mexican friends would know for sure.

Anyway, this is another cold-weather recipe, just right for Sunday afternoons with the family. There is no Super Bowl to watch here, simply because there is nothing of interest in the game itself, much less the commercials (I would bend this ban if it were the Steelers or the Bears simply for what they represent beyond football.). Instead, we eat soup, relax into the evening, and get ready for the coming week, already the second one of February. Soup time is running out, but a trip to Mexico and seeing many of my Mexican friends is a few months away, marking Spring and ushering in the summer. Until then, the Mexican chicken soup serves as a hopeful reminder of warmer days, travel, and friendships to renew (and finding out if, in fact, this soup is Mexican).