Birth of a Neo-Confederacy

This is really no different than how Republicans have acted on a national level the last 8 years, with their actions becoming increasingly anti-democratic with each year, culminating with the condoning of Trump’s bigoted, authoritarian rhetoric. I’ve said it before, in response to the willingness to shut down government, complicity in attacking President Obama’s patriotism and citizenship, refusal to vote up or down judiciary appointees all the way up to the Supreme Court, and bogus claims of voter fraud and efforts to destroy voting rights, the Republicans are today the most dangerous threat to American democracy. As a country, with a President-elect who lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes and a Congress created via illegal gerrymandering and voter intimidation, we are no longer a democracy. With each day, we look more and more like the neo-Confederacy–a state defined by nationalist propaganda and militarism.

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